WWE Survivor Series Results (11/18): Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Bryan, Raw & Smackdown Collide in a Battle for Brand Supremacy



Stephanie McMahon is with acting General Manager for Raw Baron Corbin. They are happy with the results, and Stephanie says that if Corbin wants to keep his job, he better sweep the night. Corbin guarantees the victory. Paige and Shane McMahon come in and they say that they guarantee at the end of the night, they will be feeling blue, and enjoying watching Stephanie firing Baron Corbin.


We start the match with a collar & elbow tie up and Shinsuke backs up Rollins into the ropes and does his “COME ON” taunt. They tie up again, and this time Nakamura gets the joint submission. Rollins does his own, and he’s met with a knee to the midsection. Rollins fights back and he hits Shinsuke with a clothesline. Rollins ends up on the apron and Shinsuke tries to hit an elbow to the midsection. Rollins jumps up and hits a leg drop to the back of the neck to Nakamura.

Nakamura spills to the outside and Rollins winds up for a Suicide Dive, but Nakamura moves to another side of the ring. Rollins changes directions and goes for it, but he runs into a kick to the face of Rollins. Nakamura lays Rollins, draping him onto the apron and hits the knee to the chest of Rollins.Shinsuke hits Rollins with a series of kicks and then sends Rollins off the ropes, but Rollins reverses with a slingblade.

Rollins picks up Nakamura and dumps him over the ropes to the outside. Rollins looks to wind up again and he goes through the ropes and hits the suicide dive! He gets in and hits a second one, crashing along with Nakamura. The crowd chants ONE MORE TIME, and Rollins obliges and hits the third Suicide Dive.

Rollins throws Nakamura back in the ring and hits Nakamura with a springboard clothesline. Rollins tries to pick up Nakamura in a suplex, but Nakamura reverses and nails Rollins with a shot to the face. He puts Rollins in the corner, and once again hits a shot to the ribs of Rollins. Nakamura sets up for the reverse exploder, but Rollins slips through and delivers a big superkick to the face of Nakamura. He picks up Nakamura to set up the buckle bomb, but Nakamura rakes the eyes or Rollins and then sends him into the corner, hitting several kicks and busts out the old strong style, stomping hard to the back of the head of Nakamura. Rollins responds with strikes of his own, but Nakamura locks in an arm bar and Rollins is in the middle of the ring!

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Rollins writhes in pain, but somehow finds a way to pick up Nakamura and deliver the buckle bomb! Rollins calls for the kick and hits one to the midsection. Nakamura buckles over as Rollins bounces off the ropes but he is met with a kick to the face. Nakamura goes to the top rope but he’s met by Rollins who hits a superplex and follows it up with a Falcon Arrow.

Both men get up and they start to exchange strikes back and forth and Nakamura begins to smile and dares Rollins to hit him again. Nakamura ducks, but Rollins turns that into the ripcord knee! Rollins goes for the cover, but Nakamura kicks out at two! Rollins climbs slowly to the top rope and goes to hit his frog splash, but Nakamura moves out of the way! Nakamura hits a Kinshasa to the back of the head of Rollins and goes for the cover…..1……2……Rollins kicks out! Nakamura can’t believe it!

Nakamura winds up for another Kinshasha, but Rollins ducks. Rollins kicks Shinsuke in the midsection and comes back for the stomp, but Nakamura moves out of the way. Shinsuke hits Rollins with a kick to the head and then a knee. He sets up for another Kinshasa but Rollins moves out of the way and hits a Curb Stomp out of nowhere!! Rollins goes for the cover and 1…..2….3! Rollins picks up the victory!

Winner: Seth Rollins

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