WWE Survivor Series Results (11/18): Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Bryan, Raw & Smackdown Collide in a Battle for Brand Supremacy



AOP starts the match dominating Cesaro, and Rezar slows Cesaro down with a sleeper in the center of the ring. Akam is tagged in and he hits a knee to the face of Cesaro. Sheamus comes in and breaks up the cover and Akam gets right in the face of Sheamus. Cesaro hits a European uppercut right to the face of Rezar and hits another and another, but Rezar nails Cesaro with a clothesline. He picks up Cesaro and slings him off the rope but Cesaro counters with a springboard European uppercut.

Cesaro tags in Sheamus who comes and destroys everyone, and puts the 10 Bodhran on Rezar. He proceeds to hit Akam with the Brogue Kick and goes for the cover, but Drake Maverick puts his leg on the bottom rope. Big Show comes and grabs Drake and picks him up and starts to choke him. He starts to go red until he eventually pisses himself. Big Show can’t believe it and Sheamus and Cesaro come to look at what happened. They all start cracking up and they’re distracted long enough for AOP to hit a tandem neckbreaker powerbomb on Sheamus and pick up the victory. Not kidding.

Winners: Authors Of Pain


Murphy starts the match by showing off his power, picking up and driving Ali into the corner. Ali comes back with a back elbow and then dropkicking Murphy to the outside. Ali gets on the top rope and flips onto Murphy on the outside!

Ali puts Murphy back in the ring but Murphy rolls right back out to collect himself. Ali sends Muphy crashing into the barricades. Ali climbs right back up and Murphy gets on the apron and pushes Ali off, sending him crashing HARD into the barricades.

Murphy picks up Ali and sends him into the barricade again and then into the LED board.Murphy puts Ali back in the ring and sends him flying across the ring. Murphy sends Ali out of the ring and then he goes flying himself to the outside onto Ali. He puts Ali back in the ring and Ali hits a super kick, followed by another. Murphy is out on his feet and Ali hits a spike reverse rana. WOW.

Ali puts Murphy in the corner to possibly hit the 054, but at the last moment, Ali is pushed off, hitting the apron hard FACE FIRST. Murphy follows and clears off the announce table. He begins to try to put Ali on the table but Ali kicks him and gets off. Ali backs up and jumps up to grab Murphy and hit a SICK Spanish Fly off the table!

Ali puts Murphy back in the ring and goes for a cross body off the middle rope, but runs into a knee from Murphy. Murphy delivers Murphy’s Law to pick up the victory. GO WATCH THIS MATCH!!!

Winner AND STILL WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Buddy Murphy

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