WWE Survivor Series Results (11/18): Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Bryan, Raw & Smackdown Collide in a Battle for Brand Supremacy



Before the match starts, Drew and Braun meet face to face and both demand to start the match. Drew gets out but as the bell rings, he tags himself right in. They begin to argue and Samoa Joe comes up behind Drew and locks in the Coquina Clutch. Drew breaks out but Joe locks it in again. Drew breaks out again and hits the Claymore and just like that Samoa Joe is eliminated!

Drew tags in Ziggler and Shane McMahon comes in and Shane starts hitting rights and lefts, but Ziggler recovers and hits the Fameasser. He goes for the cover but it’s broken up. Shane tags in The Miz, and then Strowman tags himself in. Miz has a look on his face of fear but then Drew McIntyre tags himself in. Strowman has had enough and starts to take it McIntyre and here we go! Balor, Lashley, And Ziggler try to break it up, but Smackdown is also there to beat down Team Raw. Smackdown takes down pretty much everyone and they start to focus on Braun Strowman. Shane clears off the announce table and the Smackdown Team holds down Strowman as Shane climbs up and flies to deliver the elbow right through the heart of the monster.

Back in the ring, Drew McIntyre is goin one on one with The Miz. He goes to tag in Finn, but then refuses and Finn tags himself in, and then kicks McIntyre. Miz tags in Rey Mysterio and Finn Balor hits a slingblade on Mysterio. Finn comes back and Rey hits a drop toe hold on Balor into the middle rope. Rey hits the 619 and eliminates Balor!

In comes Drew Mcinytre who just mows down Mysterio. He turns and then hits Balor with a stiff clothesline to pay him back from before. McIntyre tags in Lashley who picks up Mysterio and holds him in a stalling suplex. Rey fights out and sends Lashley to the outside. Dolph Ziggler comes in and he’s in there with the Miz. The Miz hits Ziggler with a big DDT and then puts him in the corner as Shane McMahon finally drags himself up to the apron. Miz tags Shane in calls for the coast to coast. Shane hits the coast to coast on Ziggler and Ziggler is eliminated.

Lashley is in next and The Miz is back in, and he takes down Lashley, putting him in the corner as well. Miz tags in Shane again, who reluctantly sets up for another coast to coast. He goes for it, but is clotheslined out of the air and lands in a crumpled heap.

Jeff Hardy comes in and almost immediately he is powerslammed from Strowman and eliminated. Rey Mysterio comes in and fights valiantly, showing why he is the biggest little man. He hits strikes to the knees of Strowman and dropkicks him onto the second rope. He goes to hit the 619, but is caught by Strowman, and immediately gets the powerslam as well. Rey is eliminated.

It’s just Miz and Shane left, but Shane is barely able to stand. Miz tries to rally Shane, but Strowman throws Miz into the barricade. Back in the ring, he hits a powerslam and eliminates The Miz.

Shane McMahon collects himself and realizes the situation he is in. He gets in the ring and tells Strowman to “come on”. Strowman dropkicks Shane into the corner and then powerslams him to pick up the victory.

Winner: Team Raw (Braun Strowman, Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley)

After the match, Corbin attacks Strowman and then high tails it up the ramp.

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