WWE Survivor Series Results (11/18): Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Bryan, Raw & Smackdown Collide in a Battle for Brand Supremacy



Brock Lesnar is on his way to the ring and Bryan is smiling and Bryan is taunting Brock Lesnar. This is awesome. Bryan gets in the ring and holds up the WWE Championship.

Brock circles the ring several times, stalking Bryan. The match finally starts and Bryan quick low dropkicks the knee of Brock Lesnar. Bryan leaves the ring and Lesnar stares on. Bryan smiles at Lesnar and Lesnar taunts him to get in. Lesnar finally gives chase and Bryan is in the ring. Bryan taunts Lesnar with his own dance, mocking him as Lesnar gets back in the ring.

Bryan goes for a kick to Lesnar, but Lesnar catches it and hits a brutal clothesline to Bryan. He picks up Bryan and delivers a German Suplex, landing Bryan right on his head. Bryan looks out, and Lesnar picks up Bryan and hits another. This is not easy to watch.

Lesnar picks up Bryan and hits an overhead belly to belly across the ring. Bryan is struggling to get up as Lesnar tells him that he can do it all night long. He picks him up and hits two more overhead belly to bellys. Lesnar kicks Bryan out of the ring. Lesnar picks up his Universal Championship and then follows Bryan and continues to send him into the barricade over and over. He throws Bryan back into the ring and slowly follows as you hear a stunned silence.

Lesnar puts on a bear hug to Bryan, looking to punish and torture Daniel Bryan. Lesnar grabs Bryan again and hits yet another German Suplex. Bryan is wheezing and can’t even catch his breath. Lesnar gets a bear hug on Bryan again and then hits another over head belly to belly. Lesnar picks up Bryan and hits an F5. Lesnar goes for a cover but he picks up the head of Bryan, stopping the count. He picks up Bryan for another F5 and this time, Bryan goes right into the referee!

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The referee goes down, and Bryan hits a low blow on Lesnar! Bryan sets up and goes for his patented knee and hits it! Bryan goes for a cover, but Lesnar kicks out at 2! Lesnar is dazed, and Bryan hits kick after kick after kick, and then begins to stomp the head of Brock Lesnar. Lesnar tries to regain momentum on the outside, but Bryan pushes him into Lesnar’s Kryptonite, the steel post. They make it back into the ring and Bryan once again hits the running knee!! Bryan goes for another cover and Brock kicks out. Bryan hits a chop block on Lesnar, and then grabs the legs of Lesnar and proceeds to wrap them around the steel post. He does so over and over, and then sends Brock back into the ring.

Bryan gets on the top rope and hits a missile drop kick. He sends Brock back into the corner and hits drop kick after drop kick. He goes for a final one, but Brock picks him up in F5 position. Bryan slips out and locks in the YES LOCK! It looks like Lesnar is about to tap out! Lesnar breaks free but Bryan hits forearm after forearm and locks in the Yes Lock again! Lesnar breaks free and puts Bryan on his shoulders and hits the F5. Victory Lesnar. Clean Sweep, Raw.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

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