WWE Survivor Series Results



Nakamura tries to hang out on the outside with Sami Zayn and wants nothing to do with this, so Strong hits him with a baseball slide dropkick. Styles follows with a running knee to Strong, then rolls Nakamura back into the ring. He tries for an early Phenomenal Forearm but gets hit off the ropes and lands hard on the apron. Strong sneaks in from behind and takes out Nakamura with the double-knee gutbuster for a two-count. Styles recovers and takes him to the mat with a side headlock, but the NXT star fights out with knees and chops, before lighting both guys up with thudding kicks to the chest.

Strong with a nasty knee to the back of Nakamura, before running the ropes and hitting Styles with a half dozen elbow strikes. Styles fires back at him with even more ridiculous strikes. Strong tries to monkey flip him out of the corner – NAKAMURA WITH THE KINSHASHA OUT OF THE AIR! 1…2… Strong makes the save!

Both guys are slow getting up, and begin trading rights and lefts on their knees. Styles hoists up Nakamura looking for the Styles Clash, but Strong takes him out with a missile dropkick to the face. Shinsuke rolls to the floor to take comfort in the arms of his best friend, Sami Zayn, while the other two slug it out on the top rope. This goes back and forth for awhile until Styles actually got Strong up on his shoulders, possible looking for an Electric Chair drop – Nakamura flies off the top rope with a spinning kick to the chest to take him down!

Nakamura lines up in the corner for the Kinshasa, but Styles grabs his foot to stop it. Zayn runs around to help out his partner and slams his face into the ring post. Nakamura turns around and eats an absolutely brutal running knee from Strong, turning him upside down. I’m pretty sure his soul actually left his body. 1…2… NO! Styles flies out of nowhere with the Phenomenal Forearm on Strong. He then turns him out with a huge lariat, but Nakamura hits a backbreaker on AJ. This time he connects with the Kinshasa on Strong and should have it put away. 1…2… Styles makes the save at the last possible second.

Nakamura drills Styles with a boot in the corner, followed by a second kick to the face. He climbs to the second rope and hits a diving knee, once again to the face. He lines up for one more Kinshasa, obviously exhausted, but Styles rolls under the attack and out to the apron. Phenomenal Forearm connects! Strong blasts Styles from behind and throws him out of the ring, then covers Nakamura himself to steal the win!

Winner: Roderick Strong

— Raw (1), NXT (3), Smackdown (1)


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