WWE Survivor Series Results



Beautiful chain grappling to start this thing off. I honestly don’t know how Adam Cole is still standing right now, much less floating in between holds and counter-wrestling with a British technician right now. Things eventually spill to the outside and Dunne gains control, just by virtue of the champion having his ribs tapped up. Dunne swings his arm into the steel steps and stomps down on in a brutal looking spot.

They take it back to the ring and Cole catches his opponent coming through the ropes, wrapping up his knee and stomping away at it. Dunne comes back with an enzuigiri followed by a quick-release German suplex, but his knee is clearly a problem. Cole rolls out to the floor looking to catch his breath, but the challenger runs the apron and delivers a moonsault off the post! He drags him back into the ring and begins to climb, looking for a second moonsault, but Cole got his knees up just in time. The champ slowly pulls himself up using the ropes… LAST SHOT CONNECTS! 1…2… Dunne kicks out at 2.99.

Cole goes to the second rope for the Panama Sunrise, but Dunne kicks him in the gut on the way down instead. He starts firing off with kicks, but the champ hits his messed up knee and uses the advantage to deliver the Ushigoroshi. He tries for the Last Shot a second time but Dunne counters, rolling into a cross armbar! They were a bit too close to the ropes, so the challenger instead just deadlifts him up into the air, turning it into the Bitter End. Dunne makes the cover, hooks the leg, but it’s still not enough.

Both men very slowly get back to their feet, and start trading kicks, then elbow strikes. Jumping knee from Dunne. Spinning elbow from Cole. Enzuigiri from Dunne. These two are just absolutely beating the hell out of each other, and can barely stand. Dunne climbs the ropes for the moonsault again, but Cole superkicks him out of the air. Dead. Both men down.

They roll to the apron and Cole tries to lift his opponent up, but his back gives out. Dunne tries as well, but his knee gives up. They go back to trading forearms… Cole hits the Panama Sunrise on the apron! HOLY HELL! The champion rolls back into the ring and barely is able to get to his feet, and seems content to take the count-out win… but Dunne gets back in just in time. They collapse on top of each other in pure exhausted, and start screaming at each other “COME ON!” Dunne tries for the Bitter End, Cole breaks free and delivers the Last Shot one last time. It’s over.

Winner & Still Champion: Adam Cole Baybay! 


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