WWE Survivor Series Results



The red lighting is back. Cool. I think it’s somehow darker than the last time.

The Fiend immediately charges Bryan and slams him into the corner, kicking him in the face over and over until the referee… thinks about backing him off and then runs away because he’s terrified. The Fiend takes his opponent outside and rams him into the barricade a few times, then rolls back in and delivers an absolutely massive one-arm chokeslam. This is just a one-sided mugging as the champ wrenches away at Bryan’s neck, delivering shots to the back, kicking him in the face.

Back outside we go. The Fiend throws Bryan into the ring steps and gets a running start, but Bryan rolls out of the way and sends him crashing into the steel. The challenger immediately drives him into the ring post with a running knee, then mounts the apron to deliver a second running knee to send them both flying into the barricade. They roll back into the ring and Bryan comes off the top rope with a missile dropkick… but The Fiend is right back to his feet like nothing ever happened. “THE DAMN THING IS BACK ON HIS FEET!” Excellent call from Michael Cole.

Bryan comes off the top rope with another missile dropkick, but once again The Fiend pops back up to his feet. Again he heads to the top, and this time he delivers a dropkick that seems to have actually phased the demonic champion. He sets in with Yes Kicks, one after another, until The Fiend is down. For about two seconds, until he pops back up and screams “COME ON!” at Bryan. Another round of kicks, and again he’s down. Bryan is right on top of him, grabbing the arms and kicking away at his face over and over again.

Bryan takes to the corner… and he does the YES chant with the crowd! Chicago has come unglued! “YES! YES! YES!” Bryan delivers the running knee strike, but The Fiend gets the shoulder up at two-and-a-half. The crowd goes crazy with loud Daniel Bryan chants, but the champion stands up from behind him to add more fuel to my nightmares. He goes for the Mandible Claw, but Bryan catches it and applies an armbar over the ropes! He’s forced to break the hold before five, however, and The Fiend catches him with the Claw this time. Bryan does his best, but eventually falls. Just like everybody else.

Winner & Still Champion: The Fiend


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