WWE Survivor Series Results



WALTER. McIntyre. Strowman. The three beasts start this off trading some of the loudest, nastiest chops you’ve ever seen in a WWE ring. The two work together to take down Strowman and remove him from the equation, before going back and forth with even more ridiculous chops. Strowman flew out of the corner and took them both down like a freight train, but WALTER popped back up and KILLED him with a gigantic shotgun dropkick. Claymore Kick out of nowhere from McIntyre! 1…2…3!

WALTER has been eliminated.

The crowd is not happy, raining down loud “BULLSHIT!” chants. In comes Damian Priest who lights up Strowman with a spin kick, but he turns around into a moonsault from Chad Gable off the top rope. Ricochet hits the ring but gets thrown to the moon with a ridiculous German suplex. Matt Riddle tags in and comes face-to-face with Gable, before the two start doing some INCREDIBLE chain wrestling. The former UFC fighter and the former Olympic wrestler grapple around the ring, trading positions in a wild flurry…  until Ciampa makes the blind tag and hits Gable with a running knee. Ricochet off the ropes with a handspring back elbow to take them both down. Kevin Owens makes the tag, hits a frog splash on Gable, and he’s gone.

Chad Gable has been eliminated. 

Roman Reigns tags into the match, but King Corbin tags himself in. The two start shoving each other back and forth until Owens takes out Reigns with a superkick. He and Corbin brawl to the outside, and Owens takes him out with the stunner. Ciampa is still legal and surprises KO with a wicked DDT on the apron, rolls him back in and pins him.

Kevin Owens has been eliminated.

Randy Orton and Ciampa come face-to-face in a match I never knew I wanted until right now. Ciampa goes for the DDT again but The Viper turns it into a backbreaker on the apron. He starts stomping away on fingers, then shoulders, then knees, taking his time and picking his spots. Finally he hits the RKO, but Damien Priest had made the blind tag for his team. He tries for the spinning kick, but Orton ducks it and hits the RKO!

Damian Priest has been eliminated.

Matt Riddle out of nowhere to roll up Orton and eliminate him with a small package. Orton is pissed off and drops him with an RKO afterwards just for good measure. Corbin tags in and makes the cover, eliminating him.

Matt Riddle & Randy Orton have been eliminated. 

Strowman and Keith Lee have a staredown, but Drew McIntyre hits the ring and takes them both down. Strowman mounts a comeback and takes him down with a huge shoulder tackle, then heads outside the ring, running through everyone one at a time. The crowd chants one more time, so he starts running around the ring, but Lee meets him with a running crossbody, thudding off of the Monster. McIntyre delivers a Claymore Kick on both men and rolls back into the ring. The referee makes a 10-count, and Strowman is gone.

Braun Strowman has been eliminated.

Ricochet takes down McIntyre with a series of rapid kicks, then does the same to Keith Lee. He takes out Corbin with a springboard dropkick, then flies over the ropes with a tope con hilo to drop Reigns as well. Everybody’s down. Ricochet to the top rope looking for the 630, but Corbin hits him with the End of Days.

Ricochet has been eliminated. 

Seth Rollins, who is pretty much fresh as a daisy, finally tags in. Mustafa Ali tags in as well and catches him with a Tornado DDT off the ropes. He runs the ropes and does a suicide dive to take down the remaining stars on the outside. Ciampa tries to throw him into the steps, but eats a superkick instead. King Corbin gets in his face for some reason, so Ali slaps him across the face. The distraction was enough for Rollins to deliver the Curb Stomp.

Mustafa Ali has been eliminated.

Reigns is pissed off and starts shoving Corbin around, screaming that he just cost Smackdown another guy. The crowd is chanting for CM Punk again. McIntyre with an inverse Alabama Slam on Ciampa back in the ring, but it’s not enough. He lines up for the Claymore Kick, but Reigns out of nowhere with the spear.

Drew McIntyre has been eliminated. 

Seth Rollins has no one left on his side. He tries for a dive but Reigns catches him with a right hook, followed by the Drive By. He lines up for a spear but Ciampa catches him with a spear. Ciampa sets up for the Fairytale Ending, but Roman fights out and drops him with the Superman Punch. Corbin on the outside attacks Lee to stop the hot tag. He then drags Roman into the corner and makes the tag himself, talking a bit of trash. Reigns punches him in the face, then delivers a spear. Ciampa makes the cover, and Reigns just lets him go.

King Corbin has been eliminated. 

Rollins. Reigns. Ciampa.

The Shield brothers share a look and turn on Ciampa, who knows what’s about to happen and comes out of the corner swinging. Keith Lee hits the ring but they beat him down as well. Rollins throws Ciampa to the outside and has an idea… They start picking apart the announce table, and I think you know where they’re going with this. Reigns hoists up Ciampa for the powerbomb, but Lee runs around the ring and knocks them all over with a monster Pounce. Ciampa murders Rollins with a running knee strike, then connects with Project Ciampa! 1…2…NO! Rollins kicks out! Roman Reigns ends up delivering the spear to Ciampa, followed by a Curb Stomp from a near-dead Rollins.

Ciampa has been eliminated. 

The crowd is not happy. The two return to the outside but Keith Lee does a huge press over the ropes to take them both down. He throws Rollins back into the ring and delivers some brutal elbow shows, knowing he’s in for the fight of his life. Rollins catches him low with a dropkick, followed by the Curb Stomp. 1…2… NO! LEE KICKED OUT! Rollins can’t believe it, but Lee catches him with the Jackhammer! 1…2…3!

Seth Rollins has been eliminated. 

Reigns returns to the ring and deliver a Superman Punch. The two with a great back and forth trade both looking for big moves, and Reigns hits a second Superman Punch. 1….2…th…maybe? The ref definitely counted three but said Lee got his shoulders up, and the crowd isn’t sure about that one. Reigns lines up for a spear, but Lee catches him running with the biggest pop-up Spirit Bomb you’ll ever see. Reigns kicks out at two-and-three-quarters and Lee immediately climbs the ropes. He tries for the Vadersault, Reigns rolls out of the way and delivers the spear. It’s over.

Winners: Team Smackdown
Survivors: Roman Reigns

— Raw (1), NXT (3), Smackdown (2)

— After the match Keith Lee slowly gets to his feet and gets a huge reaction from the Chicago crowd. Roman Reigns crosses the ring and the two stare each other down. Reigns gives him a handshake and show of respect, before Lee leaves and lets the Big Dog celebrate his win.


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