WWE Survivor Series Results



Bayley and Becky very briefly work together to beat down Baszler and send her to the outside. Bayley of course attacks her former friend from behind, but The Man had it scouted and dropped her with a big boot. Shayna tried to crawl back into the ring, but got dropkicked right back out. Bayley charged Becky in the corner and… well, kind of jumped over her into what would have been a sunset flip powerbomb, except that they were 6 inches away from the turnbuckle so she just instead… sort of smashed into the turnbuckle and flopped over. Alright then.

Shayna finally gets into the ring and Bayley takes her down with rights and lefts, but Baszler is able to grab her arm and immediately find her way into a submission. She works the elbow and takes things to the mat, before stomping away on it. Lynch takes her out with an elbow to the back of the head and goes after Bayley in the corner with Yes Kicks. Bayley turns it around and sets in with kicks of her own. The crowd has sort of been dead after this six-hour show, but there are a few chants scattered here and there.

Bayley puts Lynch in the ropes and drops her with a neckbreaker, but Baszler is there to make the save. The NXT star starts firing off with uppercuts, but The Man catches her and drops them both with a double DDT. She climbs the ropes and hits a second rope leg drop on Bayley, but it’s not nearly enough to put her away. She actually manages to get the Disarmher locked in, but Shayna kicks her in the face to break it up. Bayley takes advantage of them going back and forth, throws Becky from the ring and connects with the Bayley-to-Belly! 1…2…NO!

Bayley gets in the ref’s face and starts yelling about how that should have been it. She drills Baszler with a big boot in the corner, but takes a bit too much time being pissed off and the Queen of Spades takes her to the mat with punches up and down the body. She continues hammering away and gets her up on her shoulders, but Becky comes flying off the ropes with a diving knee to take them both down. The crowd is still dead. Some are chanting for CM Punk for no reason, even though this match is good.

Let’s fast-forward a few minutes. All three eventually find themselves on the outside, and Becky slams Baszler on top of the commentary table. Bayley takes out Becky from behind and rolls the NXT star back into the ring. She heads up to the top rope and looks to drop the elbow, but Shayna catches her into the rear naked choke! After about 20 seconds and no reaction, Bayley taps out and it’s over.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

— Raw (1), NXT (4), Smackdown (2)

— Shayna grabs her championship and stands on top of the announce table, posing. Becky Lynch takes her legs out and knocks her over, then poses. That’s it. That’s how the show ends.

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