WWE Talent Claims Wrestlers Forbidden To Reveal COVID-19 Diagnosis, Kevin Dunne “Made A Scene” About Masks


A WWE developmental talent wishing to remain anonymous has issued a statement to Wrestling Inc. with more details on what has been going on behind-the-scenes, in response to reports that up to “two dozen” employees and in-ring talents have tested positive for COVID-19.

The individual claims that WWE talent relations have expressly forbidden talent from informing anyone of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, other than the people they live with.

This may only pertain to in-ring wrestlers, however, or it may be a new development after Adam Pierce, Jamie Noble, Kayla Braxton and Renee Young all posted about their conditions publicly.

“Now that WWE has more talent and staffers starting to test positive, we’ve been informed by talent relations not to discuss our illness with anyone besides those we may live with that may need to know. We are FORBIDDEN to tell anyone else nor can we come out publicly to make any statements. It was stressed that WWE will take care of any medical treatments, should we need them. In the same breath it was made clear the company would handle the PR and only those that needed to know about our condition would know as HIPPA laws would prevent them from making our names public.

The letter, which Wrestling Inc. has now posted in full, also states that talent were told WWE “didn’t believe the validly of some of the testing being done”, leading to many not being tested for the illness at all until last week.

There are also allegedly people going out to crowded beaches and amusement parks, and then showing up at the WWE Performance Center to work the television tapings without disclosing their whereabouts to the company.

In response to recent conflicting reports about WWE not allowing extras in the “crowd” to wear masks at the television tapings, the letter also claims that Kevin Dunne himself “made a scene” about this.

“Some people were asked to invite friends, family and some fans they’ve befriended to attend shows at the PC. How do you think they feel now? Knowing potentially they put those they regarded as close to them in harms way? And YES it was true that Kevin Dunn did not allow fans to wear masks and made a scene twice over the PA to not wear masks. It’s a shame these people came out to support the talent and company they love and were treated this way.”