WWE Teasing a Full Shield Reunion on Monday Night Raw


WWE is teasing a full Shield reunion for the March 4 edition of Monday Night Raw. WWE’s website posed the question to fans as to whether or not Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins are ready to forgive Dean Ambrose, who they saved from Bobby Lashley, Elias and Baron Corbin on February 25.

But is forgiveness actually in the cards? Ambrose turned heel against Seth on the same night that Roman left the company. The Lunatic Fringe was on track to become the hottest heel in WWE but his booking fell incredibly short of the mark, and he never realized his full potential as Raw‘s top villain.

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Reigns recently returned from a four month absence, following an exit to battle leukemia in 2018. The Big Dog is now in remission and back at full strength, which means that The Hounds of Justice could very well ride again in WWE.

It could be that the company is now hitting the reset button on Ambrose and if that’s the case, then all of his sins following Roman’s departure could be erased and The Shield will indeed reunite once again. Ambrose is expected to wrap up with the company after April of 2019, when his contract ends.


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