WWE TLC Results (12/16): New Champion Crowned, Kurt Angle Returns, AJ Styles & Daniel Bryan Deliver A Classic


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Cedric looks extremely focused and the two circle the ring before Murphy grabs the arm and wrenches on it of Alexander. Cedric rolls out and gets a headlock take over, but Murphy gets out. We see a series of great chain wrestling and both men kip up to get a stale mate. The crowd begins a “205” chant and the two bounce off the ropes. Cedric goes underneath a clothesline and delivers a headscissors to Murphy. Cedric tries to take advantage, but runs into a HUGE knee from Murphy, stunning Alexander and sending him out of the ring.

Alexander gets back in and Murphy quickly gets to the top rope and hits a double knees to the face of Cedric. Cedric looks out, and Murphy goes for the cover, but we only get a two count. Murphy locks in a sleeper to Cedric, slowing down the pace of the former champ, but Cedric is able to fight up and back up Murphy into the corner. Cedric runs at Murphy, but runs into a boot, making Alexander slump down to the mat. Murphy gets to the middle rope and jumps at Cedric, but Cedric counters with a kick to the midsection.

Both men are exhausted, and Alexander finds his second wind, hitting Murphy with a kick and then springboards into a flatliner. Cedric goes for the cover, but Murphy kicks out! Cedric looks to go for the lumbar check, but Murphy counters going for Murphy’s Law! Cedric slips out and delivers a high impact Michinoku Driver. Alexander goes for the cover, but Murphy kicks out at 2!

Alexander picks up Murphy, and Murphy tries to fight back with a series of strikes, but Alexander counters with a European Uppercut. Alexander leaps up to the second rope, but Buddy Murphy cuts him off and stuffs his head on top of the turnbuckle, just to deliver a sick kick to the head of Alexander. Murphy follows it up with a a high powerbomb on Alexander. The match spills out onto the ring apron and Alexander is stunned, but out of nowhere, hits a Death Valey Driver to Murphy on the apron! Murphy is OUT and Alexander tosses Alexander to the ring and hits a Lumbar Check! Alexander goes for the cover, but Buddy Murphy somehow gets the leg on the bottom rope.

Cedric can’t believe it, and Murphy starts to get up in the corner. Alexander runs at Murphy, but Murphy hits a drop toe hold, sending Alexander into the corner. Murphy picks him up and hits Murphy’s Law and picks up the victory. GREAT MATCH!

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Winner AND STILL WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Buddy Murphy


Ladies & Gentlemen….Elias.

Elias is in the middle of the ring, and plays a little diddy. There is a guitar hanging above the ring, as the upcoming match is a ladder match that one of the participants can use the guitar as a weapon if they reach it first.

Elias goes to play a song, but they’re interrupted by Lashley and Lio Rush. Rush says that no one came to see Elias, they came to see the “Almighty” Bobby Lashley. Lashley comes out and does his glute pose and the match starts.

Lashley goes for the ladder early but Elias baseball slides the ladder into Lashley. He proceeds to stomp the ladder onto Lashley, then he picks up two ladders and brings them into the ring. Elias sets up a ladder in the ring and he starts to calmly climb the ladder. Lio Rush yells at Lashley to get up, but then decides to run into the ring and stop Elias himself. Elias gets down and tries to send Lio into the ladder, but he goes under. Elias turns around right into Lashley, who sends Elias spine first into a propped up ladder .

Lashley picks up Elias and hits a stalling vertical suplex, sending Elias crashing into the mat. He picks up a ladder, and does a stalling vertical suplex on it…sending it right onto Elias. That was cool.

Lashley props up a ladder and starts to climb, but Elias picks up a ladder and starts to hit Lashley with it. He continues to pummel Lashley, but Lashley catches him and hits an overhead belly to belly suplex onto a ladder, and Elias is in trouble. Lashley comes at Elias and Elias counters with a big spinebuster. Elias climbs the ladder and unhooks his guitar, winning the match.

Winner: Elias

After the match, Elias stalks Lashley with the guitar, but Lio Rush jumps on the back of Elias. Elias gets him off his back, and turns around again into Lashley. Lashley takes him down and Rush hits an awesome frog splash. Elias gets up and Lashley nails him with the guitar

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