WWE to Improve SmackDown?, Backstage News on The Bellas, More


– WWE officials are looking to get SmackDown on par with RAW in hopes of getting a good deal from SyFy next month when the current TV contract expires. One WWE source says they wouldn’t be surprised if SmackDown ends up going to three hours.

– As of this past week, WWE and E! were filming additional footage for Total Divas. A second season will likely be announced soon.

– The Bella Twins stock within WWE has went up with the success of Total Divas. The same goes for some of the other stars of the show but more so with The Bella Twins. It’s said that while Kaitlyn and AJ Lee are feuding for the Divas Title, The Bellas are at the top of the division.

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Source: PWInsider


  1. it’s called the Bella’s stock is up because of Cena and Bryan, if it wasn’t for their relationships the Bella’s would never have got rehired

    • exactly….but Nikki doesn’t deserve it. you can tell Brie is so far and away a better person. so down to earth…I’ve seen her in autograph signings too. she’s sweet as can be, and she picked Bryan when she could have picked anyone….Nikki is just a gold digger.


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