WWE To Make World Title Decision On Next Week’s RAW


It was announced on WWE Main Event that the status of the WWE World Heavyweight Title will be dealt with on RAW next week.

As we’ve been reporting, Daniel Bryan announced on RAW that he is getting surgery for a neck injury and officials are waiting for the results of that to decide what to do.

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  1. I think he should be stripped of the title. If this is real and not a storyline Daniel Bryan could be out for 6 months and as much as I like him WWE can’t go that long without a champion.

    Have Sting vs Kane for the WWE World Heavyweight Title at Payback.

      • And there are others who are tired of one small guy doing the same kick over and over again and then maybe doing a knee. Hes as one dimensional as Cena honestly is more superhuman than Cena to

        • Rofl!!! Do you even know what one dimensional means? He probably the best if not only technical wrestler on the roster. Your blaming Wwe move set restrictions on him…Oh boy. .Don’t be such a mark..Sadly your what passes for a wrestling fan these days..

          • a mark calling someone a mark. HILARIOUS. It’s not real – they’re entertainers. Sadly YOU’RE what passes as a wrestling fan nowadays.

          • Im what passes. So hijacking a Royal Rumble because precious D-BRY wasn’t there is acceptable. Shut up to be honest he isn’t really that technical. oh move restrictions yeah so what the best wrestlers of all time had move restrictions but you going to tell me Undertaker sucks. You going to tell me Stone Cold sucks. I could list them all but Bryan is allowed only 5 moves because a long time ago in a gym far away he done a fujiwara armbar to Punk. Wow he must be awesome. Hes boring. He kicks and kicks and kicks. He couldn’t cut a good promo even if he had Bobby Heenan writing them for him and lastly Im sorry but there is an array of superstars on that roster who can perform at a higher level and also excite people to. Bryan is in my opinion overrated.

          • Well thx you for proving my point..you don’t know what your talking about..lol attitude era is over move on..

          • Really I don’t know what im no about did you look at your last post. Your honestly about as good with your words as Bryan – which if you cant figure it out means you really are not good

          • Sure sean, your right bc you think you are. You poor thing, just make sure your helmet is on before leaving the house..

        • Yo son you dont know s*** about D-bry. Comparing him Cena. You and vkm like them oily big guys I bet..Come out yo closet already, its 2014

          • So does this sound familiar. Bryan beats not only Triple H at Wrestlemania but also Orton the champion and Batista a former multi time champion.HMMM sounds similar to superman. Bryan beats the real Americans on the same night. Sounds like Superman. There are many other comparisons so to say hes nothing like cena its wwe move restrictions. Boy get a life you are clinging on to the fact he is a indy star and he once done an armbar. And the fact about big guys hey I love Ziggler and Rollins and Ambrose what do they have in commen. They are all more EXCITING and BETTER than Bryan and they to are small guys

          • Actually it sounds more like Goldberg. If I remember correctly Goldberg once beat Sid Vicious and then Sting later in the night for the WCW Championship.

        • Any limitations that Bryan has are placed upon him by WWE. If you’d seen any of his pre-WWE work you’d know this.

          • sorry man but even so I said in the top posts every WWE superstar has limitations on them like Cena and Orton and so forth and people despise them. But because Bryan done some Indian Death locks in a gym he gets away with it. No I don’t think so. Plus as I have also said above he has absolutely no charisma I mean he could come out to the ring and stand there do nothing and there would still be more charisma in him than there would be if he tried to cut a promo

  2. I am not a Bryan fan ill admit but if they keep the title on him I will be angered as you cant just have the wwe title not featured weekly because the guys not there they’ve done it as far as I know to Batista and im guessing others before him so its only right they strip him

  3. It only makes sense to strip him of the title. The authority didn’t want him to be champion and they can talk about how he failed once he became champion.

  4. If they strip him it’s only because they feel Byran is a better draw as the guy chasing the title as opposed to the guy carrying it. They will strip him and build up a big match for him to get it back at Summerslam. He should keep it though if he’s only out 4-6 weeks.

  5. Only seems right to strip him of it edge Batista Shawn Michaels Austin all had to give up titles cause of injuries I actually wish the wwe bring back the 30 day rule if you cannot defend your title in 30days then you should be stripped of it

  6. if they strip him of the title.. gotta have a tourney.. with top guys and with the outcomes being not so obvious… or having eight qualify matches and the winners go to MITB .. for a MITB match.. i think it would be great not have the usual suspects in it to.. a longshot champ would be great..


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