WWE Total Divas Marathon Airing Today

There will be a six-hour block of WWE Total Divas airing today on the E! Network beginning at noon CT. The six-hour block will start with episode two and run through episode seven, which originally aired Sunday night.

The mid-season finale airs on this upcoming Sunday night. The next wave of episodes will begin airing on November 17.

Rare Photo of The Undertaker Before He Was The Undertaker….

  • Matthew DeAngelo

    OH YAY, my day is full or joy now……….NOT

  • Travelers2013

    I know Triple H is doing everything he can to get people interested in women wrestlers…but it’s just not there. And I even heard that HHH is even considering eliminating Diva wrestling all together.

    It’s just a fact…most men are not interested in a cute woman climbing into the ring and getting into a cat fight with another woman.