WWE Trying to Get Goldberg, Reason for Punk-Ryback Change, Bryan & Brie


– Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella were in attendance for last night’s Seattle Seahawks vs. Arizona Cardinals football game:

Brie and Bryan at NFL game

– Vince McMahon decided to put Ryback and Paul Heyman vs. CM Punk at WWE’s Hell In a Cell pay-per-view inside the Cell to make it more of a “spectacle.”

– During the Ryback match on Monday’s RAW, Jerry Lawler’s line about fans loving the Bill Goldberg chants was fed to him by Vince McMahon. The timing for the Goldberg DVD plugs was no coincidence either as WWE officials are very interested in getting Goldberg for a match at WrestleMania XXX.

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Partial source: F4Wonline.com


  1. The Part timers are what makes Wrestlemania the spectacle it is. The possibilities are endless,Chris Stone Cold Steve Austin has said numerous times he will do his final match at a Wrestlemania and there is talk of him and CM Punk in a match there.

    I would love to see a Brock Lesnar versus Undertaker wrestlemania, mainly because Taker has never faced Lesnar as The Dead Man, remember his feud with Lesnar was as The American Bad Ass taker.

    The possibilities of part timers at wrestlemania are endless.

    Chris Jericho versus Alberto Del Rio

    John Cena versus RVD and so forth.

  2. Undertaker vs brock lesnar
    Goldberg vs ryback
    Stone cold vs cm punk
    John cena vs rvd
    Wyatt family vs the shield
    Daniel bryan vs triple h
    Just some of the matches im expecting to see at wrestlemania xxx


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