WWE Upset Over Punk Leak, Major WrestleMania Creative Meetings, More


– The CM Punk situation is personally being handled by Vince McMahon himself, as opposed to Triple H or WWE’s Talent Relations department.

WWE officials are not happy at all about the story getting out and there being a big deal publicly. The hope was to keep it as an internal issue and deal with it within the company.

There were meeting with the WWE creative team all last week discussing WrestleMania XXX plans if Punk does not return, as well what to do with him if he does come back. The meetings were not as a result of Punk walking out specifically but also a by-product of fans rejecting segments and the reaction for Daniel Bryan at the Royal Rumble. A source noted that “anything is possible” at this point in regards to the WrestleMania XXX card and nothing should be considered official or locked in with the exception of John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt.

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Source: PWInsider


  1. also being pissed about it leakin makes no sense immean punk wasnt on raw and isnt at live events u think people are not gonna wonder y hes not there

  2. Referring to other’s comments: (Rhetorical) “Sports entertainment” and pro-wrestling have never been booked by the fans, why now? And if fans were able to “book”, how lame would it be?


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