WWE Wants a More Mom & Kid-Friendly Product, Vince McMahon News

– We noted before how Vince McMahon has been more hands-on backstage at RAW with Eric Pankowski gone. Vince is said to have been really on his game the past two weeks and was described as being like the Vince of old – revitalized and healthy.

– As noted before, WWE is hiring for a new Vice President of WWE Kids Entertainment. They want someone who has worked in children’s programming for at least ten years and is into kids pop culture and current trends.

WWE is planning a specific initiative to gear up to promote their product harder with kids and families. Specifically, they are looking at new ideas and initiatives to make the WWE brand stronger with mothers and their children.

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Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Ernie Marin

    Why do they keep insisting on targeting the wrong audience, this isn’t a kids product, it was made for adults and that’s final, kids have cartoons, we have wrestling.

    • allan mccann

      Ya the whole reason kids watch wrestling is cause its something they shouldn’t be matching.wrestling is for everyone but the it is what it is

      • daveyisded

        My mom didn’t let me watch wrestling for the longest time growing up.

    • TheWF18

      Obviously they don’t give one single f*** about what we want. And it’s only going to get worse from here.

  • chris


  • delrvich

    Ms. Linda is going to run for Congress again.

    • mr underpants

      just quiet and watch tna

      • delrvich

        No Outsiders, NWO, Veda Scott, Scott Steiner, Daffney, ? No thank you.

      • allan mccann

        why its a horrible product. good talent but a horrible show, less wrestling then most shows, its always focused around hogan and the aces and eights which is a horrible faction ,made up of wwe rejects without attire dressed like bikers…very lame show

  • NSFW2005

    I swear they post stories like this up just to get us upset. I doubt this is even real

    • Mujtaba Qaryzada

      Oh its real…hAve you not been watching. Have u seen Saturday morning slam …they can’t attack the head…enough said

  • Padres4life

    WWE is already going downhill and they want it to go more downward apparently.

  • mr underpants


  • I just can’t believe this. Ratings have been tanking for years, reaching 15-year lows last year. And Vince wants to double down on the crappy childish product that caused it? I wish WCW would have won…

  • TheWF18

    Wow! This s*** is f***ing unbelievable. It’s a big f***ing insult to us the attitude era fans. I’m seriously done with this s***ty product where they don’t give a f*** about what we want only about pleasing the f***ing kids and mothers.