WWE Working on Batista DVD?, Vince Comments on Betty White, Uso

– As noted, Jey Uso worked last night’s WWE live event in Bakersfield without Jimmy Uso, likely because his wife Naomi is out with her eye injury. Here is Tout video of Uso making his entrance and giving a shout-out to his mother:

– We noted earlier today that WWE Home Video was filming Batista with the Imperials Car Club in Los Angeles on Sunday. They also filmed him doing water training at a LA Fitness gym in Playa Vista, California. It appears WWE is working on a new Batista DVD set.

– Vince McMahon joked on Twitter that he has a date with Betty White at tonight’s RAW.

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  • Booyah2014

    Poor Betty…

    I mean..is this what she has been condemned to promoting her TV show?

    Who knows…maybe she just enjoys this stuff? If I was 91 years old…I’m ready for my deathbed.

    • Amp

      Actually, Betty is an avid wrestling fan and this is her third or fourth appearance on Raw. At the very least it’s her second because she was one of the Raw Guest Hosts.

      • Booyah2014

        Well..that’s why I said..maybe she just enjoys the stuff…I just think that when your dealing with someone in their 90s…there is barely anything you can do as far as any wrestling skits with her.

        • Amp

          Why not? Mae Young was taking powerbombs off the stage through a table in her 60s. Betty White is an amazing talent and I’m honestly excited to see her lend some real comedy to Raw. 

          • Booyah2014

            Mae Young is a wrestler…Betty White isn’t.

            I have a feeling all you will see tonight is some silly skit between Betty White and probably Santino or Hornswaggle.

          • Amp

            Which will likely be more entertaining than the majority of the actual wrestling.