WWE Working on Creative for Sting, WWE Looks at Hulkamania, OTR


– WWE’s latest Outside the Ring features footage of Kofi Kingston, Fandango, AJ Lee and CM Punk bowling against Team Nerdist back in December:

– 30 years today Hulkamania was born. WWE posted the following video looking back at Hulk Hogan:

– While a contract itself hasn’t been signed yet, talks between Sting and WWE are so far that they are discussing concepts for him using the name “A Man Called Sting.”

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Partial source: F4Wonline.com


  1. I believe this is the year that Sting comes to the WWE. He has to be booked right. Maybe a feud with HHH. I do not believe that there’s enough time to build to a Undertaker match. Sting needs a WrestleMania win before he faces Taker at WM.

  2. Every Jan, Sting signs a one-year contract with TNA. And every Jan for the last three or four years, WWE has touched base with Sting. But Sting said himself in an interview last year that he wants to face UNDERTAKER at WM XXX.

  3. Isn’t he a man called sting anyways? lol… Sting will retire in WWE. NO ONE – I repeat NO ONE wants to retire in TNA. LMAO…what s***hole…

    • Regardless as to where performers would prefer to retire, TNA serves a valuable function. It is the only other nationally televised wrestling show, thus it gives talented people the WWE passed on (or screwed over) an alternative place/chance to shine. It also clearly has given greater freedom for performers to use their full moveset or build their promo skills, including the women.


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