WWE Working on Severance for JR, Foley Praises Bryan, DiBiase

– Mick Foley wrote the following on Facebook about the ending to this week’s RAW:

“I said last year that people don’t remember statistics; they remember moments of greatness. Well, Raw fans got one of those last night, at the show’s conclusion – with Daniel Bryan perched atop the shoulders of WWE Superstars, with thousands of fans in Cleveland (RIGHT THERE in Cleveland) rejoicing. Daniel Bryan has brought out a joy in WWE fans helps make the current show as enjoyable as anything I can remember in the last several years.”

– Former WWE star Ted DiBiase Jr. will have his first match since leaving WWE on October 12th in the opening round of FWE’s Grand Prix tournament in Brooklyn. He will be facing Colt Cabana.

– F4Wonline.com reports that WWE has been working on a large severance package for Jim Ross.

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  • allan

    It better be millions or enough to make sure Jr can retire in style he’s earned it

    • Carter Williams

      Pretty sure JR wasn’t a dummy with his money over the years, could probably live quite nice without the severance. Still like you said, it should be a lot, the man has earned it.

  • Mr. Baker

    All that ridicule and torment when he first got Palsy…Damn skippy He better get PAID

  • Trey

    Oh great, he’s going to revamp the BBQ sauce thingy ….