WWE Worlds Collide Results (4/14): Roderick Strong vs Tyler Breeze, NXT Superstars vs Alumni


WWE Worlds Collide Results
April 14, 2019

The following matches were filmed during recent WrestleMania Axxess sessions in Brooklyn, NY. 


Ohno talked a lot of trash before the match started, asking the fans why they were cheering for a “commentator”, and yelling at Percy Watson to “come get your boy, before I hurt him”. English rushed him at the bell but ran right into a series of big suplexes, and a nasty-sounding running boot in the corner. Ohno slowed things down with stretches and submissions while getting in his opponent’s head, repeatedly mocking him for being a commentator. English eventually rallied with big elbow strikes and a European uppercut in the ropes, before flying to the outside with a tope con hillo taking them both down. Back in the ring he connected with a Swanton Bomb, but it wasn’t enough. Ohno strikes back with another big kick to the face, a rolling elbow to the back of the head, and that’ll do it.

Winner: Kassius Ohno


Very hard-hitting match. Dijakovic did not seem to care that Harper was coming back from injury, bludgeoning him with dozens of elbow and forearm strikes, yelling “WELCOME BACK!” as he beat the man down on the apron. Harper found his second win and hoisted the big man up for a Death Valley Driver, off the ring and to the floor! Both men barely made the 10-count and Harper hit a huge release suplex for a nearfall, before Dijakovic dug deep and nearly took his head off with a superkick. Loud “THIS IS AWESOME!” and “NXT!” chants from the fans. Harper caught him climbing the ropes and tried for an Avalanche German, but Dijakovic somehow landed on his feet and connected with a second superkick. The big man climbed to the top and delivered a monstrous moonsault, but only got a nearfall. The two went back and forth with clubbing blows and forearm shots, until Harper caught a discus lariat flush on the chin for the three-count.

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Winner: Luke Harper


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