WWE Worlds Collide Results (4/14): Roderick Strong vs Tyler Breeze, NXT Superstars vs Alumni



O’Reilly and Wolfe started out with some nice chain grappling, feeling each other out and looking for early advantages. Things quickly broke down into a fist fight, before Dane tagged in and started throwing his weight around, bullying both opponents around the ring. My WWE Network stream decided it didn’t want to work anymore, so I have no idea what happened for about five minutes of this match. Aaaaaaandd… we’re back. Once Undisputed Era got rolling they were basically impossible to stop. The two went crazy with suplexes, kicks, strikes and great combinations, before planting Dane with the Hi-Low to score the win. After the match, they continued to beat down on Dane, until Eric Young ran out and made the save. Sanity recovered and chased off Fish and O’Reilly, and celebrated with the fans.

Winners: The Undisputed Era


This was all showboating at the start, until Strong got annoyed and rushed headfirst into a kick. Breeze took it to him as the obvious fan-favorite in the match, but was caught coming back into the ring and beaten down with clubbing blows to the back and neck. Strong slowed things down for several minutes, working the back with rest holds and various stretches. Breeze eventually built up some momentum and hit a huge lariat and a running leg lariat, taking both men down. He hit a big back body drop sending Strong back into the ring, followed by a superkick to the jaw for a two-count. Looks like Breeze lost all of his cool as he put the boots to his opponent in the corner, even getting into it with the referee when he tried to break it up. Strong took advantage of the distraction to hit a thudding backbreaker. The crowd set in with dueling chants as Strong tried to lock in the Strong Hold, but Breeze kicked his way out of the submission. A high knee rocked him instead, followed by Death by Roderick, but only got a nearfall. The two went back and forth with nasty-looking knee strikes, Breeze ducked a Sick Kick, and hit the Beauty Shot! 1…2…3!

Winner: Tyler Breeze

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