WWE Worried About Punk Chants on RAW?, SmackDown Rating, More

– Maxim’s website has published the first installment of WWE Hall of Famer The Iron Sheik’s new advice column. Here’s one highlight:

What can I do to make a good first impression with a potential boss during a job interview? –Carl Schafer Bubba you work hard yoi so training you live your job. You show your boss you the real. But if you lazy cheeseburger ass your boss smell you have the dog shit breathe. You always respect the Kennedy McMahon and then he always respect you.

– WWE has replaced CM Punk on the WWE App banner with a photo of John Cena. AJ Lee’s photo remains on the SmackDown banner.

– Friday’s episode of WWE SmackDown scored a 2.18 rating, up from last week’s 2.15. Friday’s show averaged 3.027 million viewers, in line with last week’s 3.03 million.

– WWE’s production team is well aware that there might be CM Punk chants at tonight’s RAW from Omaha but they expect it to be more of a problem when they get closer to the Northeast part of the country and actually in Chicago. They don’t see Omaha as a hotbed of “internet fans.”

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Partial source: PWInsider

  • Timothy Graham

    “Iinternet fans”? You don’t need a computer to be pissed off with what you see on tv.

    • PUNKem733

      WWE is a company that is out of touch. We saw that “anonymous” letter a few days ago telling fans to stick it and learn to love it, that was obviously from Nipple H, or VM.

      • HC Duran

        LOL! Wonder why no wrestler ever did a rant on comic variations on ‘HHH’—triple hack, triple hype, triple hernia, etc., etc.

    • Jack Danielson

      It’s ridiculous how out of touch and arrogant WWE truly is. Why is it so hard for them to create new stars nowadays? They have an abundance of talent, but they’re kept in the midcard as they continue to go with Orton, Cena, Roidtista, Big Show, HHH, etc..
      They could be making even more money if they actually did what they always claim to do, and that’s listen to their fanbase and book the wrestlers who are actually drawing a response into meaningful, riveting storylines/feuds that would build that wrestlers’ popularity as well as get the audiences hooked. Kinda like what they did in the Ruthless Aggression Era with Cena, Brock and Orton. Or the Attitude Era with Austin, Rock, Foley. The New Generation with Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart and Taker. The 80s with Hulk. F***ing pitiful.

    • Madusa

      Yes apparently Omaha doesn’t have internet.

  • allan

    i bet anything both bryan and punk are gonna get mad chants

  • Douglas Marinosci

    The match with Dolph Ziggler in is the one where the CM Punk chants faded as fans chanted for Dolph. Then the Wyattts destroyed him. Same old WWE kill who the fans like.

  • Sean

    Haha F*** the internet fans