WWE WrestleMania 35 Results: Winner Take All Main Event, Several Titles Change Hands, Kofi Mania Runs Wild!



Curt Hawkins starts things off with Scott Dawson. Dawson gets an arm whip on Hawkins right away and Hawkins collects himself. Hawkins tags in Ryder and Ryder gets the wrath of Dawson with couple kicks to the gut. WIlder is tagged in and he gets in a big chop on Ryder. Wilder tags in Dawson who hits a couple of aggressive leg drops then tags in Wilder who hits a leg drop from the top onto Ryder.

Wilder puts on a hammer lock onto Ryder. Ryder fights out but Wilder makes the tag to Dawson who rakes the face of Ryder. Dawson locks in a hammer lock himself. Ryder gets up and fights and hits Dawson with a neck breaker! Ryder reaches for the tag, but Dawson knocks Hawkins off the apron. Wilder comes in  and hits Ryder with a straight kick to the spine. He locks in a sleeper on Ryder, further slowing down Ryder. Ryder fights back up and he finally tags in Hawkins who hits Dawson with a couple of roll ups but Dawson kicks out. Ryder is tagged back in and he looks to hit the Rough Ryder but he misses and gets sent to the outside. The match makes its way outside and Dawson hits Hawkins with a brainbuster on the outside. Ouch.

Dawson throws Hawkins back in and Hawkins isn’t moving. He asks the ref to check on him and the ref continues the match. Dawson starts to toy with him but Hawkins out of nowhere rolls up Dawson……..1………………2………………3! We have new tag team champions! The streak is over!

Winner AND NEW WWE Raw Tag Team Champions: Curt Hawkins & Zack Ryder


Michael Che and Colin Jost crawl under the bottom rope to start. Notable return: Luke Harper. Andrade is having a strong showing, People are dropping extremely quickly. Braun Strowman eliminates both members of Heavy Machinery. Luke Harper is eliminated by Braun Strowman. Essentially everyone gets eliminated except for Braun Strowman, Michael Che, & Colin Jost. Jost grabs a mic and says he brought a therapist to help with Braun’s anger. Braun crushes the therapist, eliminates Michael Che. Then he charges at Colin Jost and almost eliminates himself. Jost starts to try to finish the job but Strowman pushes him away, then he picks up Jost and presses him out of the ring.

Winner: Braun Strowman

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