WWE WrestleMania 35 Results: Winner Take All Main Event, Several Titles Change Hands, Kofi Mania Runs Wild!



Jey Uso starts the match with Aleister Black but Sheamus tags himself in and he hits Black with a big clothesline. Rusev tags out Sheamus and he picks up Black and Nakamura comes in and hits almost a Hart Attack. The match breaks down quickly and all men are brawling. Bodies are all over the place.

With some order being restored, Shinsuke Nakamura hits Black with a big knee to the face and goes for the cover and Ricochet interrupts the count with a standing shooting star!! We see Ricochet being set up for a superplex but it ended up with a huge suplex from everyone that everyone EXCEPT Ricochet got hurt but Ricochet flipped back onto his feet. He gets up top and hits Sheamus with a 630! He gets tossed out of the ring and the Usos hit Sheamus with a double splash and pick up the victory!

Winners AND STILL Smackdown Tag Team Champions: The Usos


Shane escapes the ring right away and The Miz gives chase. He runs around the ring and looks to hop into the crowd but he fakes out Miz and hits him right away. The match comes back in the ring and Shane starts to pummel Miz over and over with his superior striking ability. He begins to taunt The Miz’s dad then clears off the announce table. He hits The Miz with a monitor. He puts the Miz onto the table and Mr. Miz comes and stops Shane from jumping onto the Miz.

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Shane gets into the ring and Mr. Miz comes in and puts his hands up, challenging Shane. Shane mocks him and then starts to hit him with lefts and rights, knocking down Mr. Miz. Miz comes in and tackles Shane and then tosses him in to the crowd.

The match starts to make it to the top of the set of the WrestleMania stage and Miz starts to focus on the left leg of Shane and he slams a chair into the knee of Shane. It continues to make its way into the crowd and Miz keeps hitting Shane over and over with the chair. He finds some tables and starts to slam Shane’s head into them. Finally he puts Shane through a table, then knocks him off a stage to the cement floor below.

The fight makes it to the tech station, and Miz hits the skull crushing finale on the metal platform. Shane pleads with the Miz and The Miz says no and suplexes Shane off the platform like 20 feet high! The two go crashing and burning! Suddenly the referee counts to 3….and we see that Shane landed above Miz! Both men aren’t moving but because of the positioning, Shane wins!

Winner: Shane McMahon

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