WWE WrestleMania 35 Results: Winner Take All Main Event, Several Titles Change Hands, Kofi Mania Runs Wild!



Tamina starts the match with Bayley and Tamina attacks everyone. The match breaks down quickly but Peyton Royce ends up on top and backslides Sasha Banks. Sasha kicks out and kicks Royce who tags in Beth Phoenix. Sasha tags in Bayley who hits an elbow on Phoenix.

Natalya is tagged in as is Sasha and Natalya hits a belly to belly on Sasha. The Divas of Doom pick up Sasha but Bayley interferes and Sasha rolls through and locks in the Bank Statement. Beth breaks free and goes to hit the Glam Slam but Sasha rolls through and Beth goes flying into the corner. Natalya tags herself in and she grabs both the legs of Sasha and Bayley. She locks in the sharp shooter on both but Tamina comes and interferes with a kick to the side of the head.

Nia comes in and hit Sasha and Bayley with dual Samoan Drops. Both Samoans jump to the top rope and they’re taken out by the Divas of Doom. Beth brings Sasha to the top and Biliie Kay tags herself in but no one notices. Beth hits the Glam Slam from the top rope and Peyton Royce throws Beth out and Billie Kay gets the pin……..1……….2…………….3! We have new Women’s Tag Team Champions!



HERE WE GO! We start slow and Daniel Bryan gets a headlock takeover on Kingston. Kingston breaks through and we hear “KOFIMANIA” from the crowd. The WWE Superstars are in back watching this match. Bryan hits Kofi with an uppercut, rocking Kofi. Bryan locks in a surboard on Kingston.

Kingston breaks out and starts to hit Bryan with some kicks and uppercuts of his own. He tosses Bryan off the ropes and hits a double stomp. Bryan grabs the legs of Kingston and brings him to the ground and starts to shove his face into the mat followed by a couple of forearms. Kofi gets thrown off the ropes and he hits Bryan with a big clothesline, sending Bryan to the outside. Kofi goes for a springboard on Bryan and Bryan moves out of the way and Kofi goes crashing into the edge of the table.

Back in the ring, Bryan throws Kofi onto the ropes and begins kicking Kofi in the midsection. He climbs to the top and hits a knee to the lower back of Kofi Kingston. Bryan grabs the midsection of Kofi and grabs hard but Kofi hits multiple back elbows on Bryan breaking free. Bryan gains momentum and starts to hit his many dropkicks. He goes for one final one but Kofi charges this time and goes for a double stomp but Bryan grabs the legs of Kofi and locks in a Boston Crab!

Kofi is in pain and the midsection has taken a brutal beatdown at the hand of Bryan. Kofi inches towards the ropes and he finally reaches them. Both men get up and start exchanging blows back and forth and the fight gets faster and more furious. Kofi goes for a Trouble In Paradise, but Bryan grabs the leg and goes for another Boston Crab! Kofi rolls through and gets a rollup, but Bryan reverses the weight and gets a cover of his own. Kofi kicks out and Bryan tries for a LaBell lock! Kofi gets out and gets a kick to the face!

Bryan gears up for the knee and Kofi grabs the legs of Bryan and turns it into a jackknife pin. Bryan turns the pin into another LaBell Lock and Kofi is in the center of the ring! Kofi finally outstretches his legs and gets to the bottom rope! Bryan smiles and he knows he is close to beating Kofi. He starts to hit Kofi with the YES Kicks and Kofi blocks and hits the SOS but Bryan kicks out! Kofi gets to the outside of the ring and Erick Rowan gets in his face and here is Big E and Xavier Woods to take him out! Kofi hits him with Trouble In Paradise and Big E and Xavier Woods hit him with a Midnight Hour!

Kofi gets back in the ring and looks to hit Bryan with a Trouble In Paradise, but Bryan ducks and he hits the running knee! Bryan goes for the cover………1………….2……..KOFI KICKS OUT! KOFI KICKS OUT!  Bryan locks in the Labell Lock once again and Kofi reverses and starts to hit Bryan with rights and then starts stomping on the head of Daniel Bryan. Kofi is fired up!!! Kofi sets up for the Trouble In Paradise and Bryan slowly gets up…KOFI HITS TROUBLE IN PARADISE! 1…………..2…………………..3! KOFI IS THE CHAMPION! KOFI IS THE CHAMPION!!!


After the match, the New Day embraces along with Kofi’s kids. Woods and Big E bust out a NEW WWE Championship compete with Kofi plates! They give it to Kofi and everyone is celebrating and crying and if you’re not emotional something is wrong with you.

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