WWE WrestleMania 35 Results: Winner Take All Main Event, Several Titles Change Hands, Kofi Mania Runs Wild!



After some pretty sweet entrances, the match starts and Batista picks up Triple H and drives him into the corner. Triple H hits a back elbow on Batista, knocking him out of the ring. Hunter chases and he gets thrown over the announce table. Batista throws Triple H over the barricade but Triple H grabs a chain and starts whipping Batista.

Triple H grabs a literal tool box and he has a wrench. He starts to use the wrench and pry pack on the fingers of Batista. He grabs needlenose pliers out of the toolbox. Triple H hits Batista with a chair and then sets it on him. He proceeds to use the pliers to rip the nose ring out of the nose of Batista! Batista is bleeding from the nose!

Batista rolls out of the ring and Triple H follows. Batista throws Triple H onto the announce table and then hits him with the steel chair. He grabs the steel steps and picks them up then slams them off the face of Triple H. He sets the steel steps on the announce table then brings Triple H on there. He calls for the Batista Bomb, but Triple H hits a HUGE back body drop onto the announce table and it doesn’t break!

Batista gets up to his feet and Triple H gives him the crotch chop and then charges at him and they both go through the announce table! Triple H throws Batista in the ring and goes under the ring and he grabs the sledge hammer! Triple H comes in and gets hit with a spear! Batista grabs Triple H and hits the Batista Bomb and goes for a cover, but Triple H kicks out at 2!

Both men are up and they fight up on the top rope as Batista goes for a superplex onto the steel steps. Triple H slips out and he hits Batista with a powerbomb onto the steps! Triple H picks up Batista and hits him with a Pedigree and goes for the cover! 1………2…………BATISTA KICKS OUT!

Triple H is frustrated and he goes for another hit with the sledge but Batista counters. Ric Flair comes out and distracts Batista and Triple H comes out and hits a diving sledge hammer shot to the side of the head of Batista, follows it by a pedigree to pick up the victory.

Winner: Triple H


Angle quickly gets an overhead belly to belly. Corbin rakes the eyes of Angle and then hits a deep six. He goes for the cover but Angle kicks out. Angle hits the Angle Slam on Corbin and then locks in the Ankle Lock. Corbin rolls through and Angle goes into the corner. Corbin hits Angle with an End of Days and picks up the victory. What?

Winner: Baron Corbin

After the match, Angle asks for his music to play and the crowd to tell him he sucks.

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