WWE WrestleMania 35 Results: Winner Take All Main Event, Several Titles Change Hands, Kofi Mania Runs Wild!



Balor takes it right to Lashley and dropkicks him in the corner. He sends Lashley to the outside and hits a summersault onto Lashley. He puts Lashley back in the ring and gets on the apron. He’s distracted by Lio Rush and then turns and gets hit by a spear to the outside.

Lashley puts Balor back in the ring and hits another spear. He goes for the cover but Lashley kicks out! They get up and Balor kicks Lashley and hits him with a POWERBOMB! WOW! Balor climbs to the top and hits Lashley with the Coupe de Grace to pick up the victory.

Winner AND NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion: Finn Balor


It looks like Charlotte is being brought in via HELICOPTER? The helicopter lands and the red carpet is rolled out for her. The time is finally here…HERE WE GO! No woman makes a move first and Ronda looks ready to go. The three women size each other up and circle the ring. Becky goes straight for Ronda and they exchange strikes and Ronda knocks Becky to the outside. She kicks Charlotte hard to the outside and then hits her with Piper’s Pit on the outside. Becky pushes Ronda to the ring post and then Charlotte picks her up and she hits the barricade.

Becky and Charlotte are on the side and each try to put on each other’s finishers. Ronda comes in and starts being overly aggressive again. She lands some kicks and then gets a double arm bar on both Becky and Charlote over the ropes. Becky breaks through and hits a baseball slide on Ronda and Ronda goes crashing and burning.

Charlotte has control of Becky now and goes for a moonsault but Becky gets the knees up and then turns it into a Dis-Arm-Her. Ronda interferes and tries to put Becky into an armbar, but Charlotte hits Ronda with a running knee. She chops her over and over and Ronda tells her she chops like a bitch. Charlotte proceeds to chop her in the face! Ronda responds by trying to lock in a triangle but Charlotte counters with a Boston Crab. Becky comes in and turns it into a bulldog. She bounces off the ropes and gets hit by a back elbow from Charlotte. Charlotte climbs the top rope and is stopped by Becky and Becky hits a BEXPLODER off the top! Becky goes for the cover but Charlotte kicks out!

Rousey comes in and gets up top and hits a double cross body. She tries to lock in a double arm bar on both women but Becky and Charlote hit three powerbombs over and over on Ronda! Becky throws Charlotte to the outside and then she locks in the Dis-Arm-Her on Ronda! Ronda can’t get to the ropes but even if she did, it wouldn’t matter. She eventually gets to the rope but she uses it help her get up and then Ronda slams Becky to the mat.

Charlotte locks in a figure 8 on Ronda now, and starts to cinch it in, but out of nowhere, Becky jumps off the top and hits both women with an elbow drop! Becky goes to the outside and grabs a table! She puts it in the ring and sets it up but Charlotte counters and puts Becky on the table. Charlotte goes up top but shes interrupted by Becky but then Ronda is the one to push her off. Becky and Ronda are going at it in the middle of the ring trading blows but then Charlotte hits both women with a spear!

Charlotte sets up the table in the corner and charges at the other women, but she gets hip tossed into it! It’s Becky and Ronda in the ring now and the two face off. They trade blows but then Ronda hits Becky with a big knee. She picks her up and hits Piper’s Pit, but Becky turns it into a back slide….1……2…….3!!!! Becky is the champion!

Winner: Becky Lynch

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