WWE’s Reaction to TNA Sale Rumors

As noted earlier, Janice Carter issued a memo to employees back on November 1st squashing rumors of sale talks and that her family was fully committed to the organization. However, according to F4WOnline.com, she is lying as multiple sources within the organization have stated that negotiations are currently being held for potential buyers. Furthermore, nearly everyone who has been speculated online, including musician and Resistance Pro Wrestling owner Billy Corgan, is not involved in the negotiations.

It is said that some WWE officials are following the story very closely, with one source quoted as saying “more so than people would ever imagine.” It is not because the WWE that is interested in purchasing TNA, but rather because they are curious to know who desires to and what the status will be of some talents (specifically Hulk Hogan and Sting).

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  • Louisa Baton

    This is a side note because they will never have anything where I can put this statement. When are they going to get someone else to wrestle Dixie’s nephew? Even Bill Watts made other people wrestle his son. (That’s mean) It makes his character look so bad and even though there are jobbers still in wrestling they don’t make it look so obvious.