Xavier Woods Calls Out WWE For Not Counting The WWE Survivor Series Kick-Off Show


Throughout WWE Survivor Series the company chose not to count the kick-off show tag team match and Xavier Woods reacted to that on Twitter.

WWE claimed that WWE Raw had a clean sweep during the night, claiming that the red brand won 6-0 despite the fact that the WWE SmackDown Live tag team’s won their match on the kick-off show, which would actually make the score 6-1.

It was even mentioned by Michael Cole on commentary that it was only the kick-off show and therefore didn’t count and the decision to discredit the match caused a lot of complaints from fans online.

However, it wasn’t just the WWE Universe who felt WWE was disrespecting the talents involved as Xavier Woods of The New Day made it clear he wasn’t happy either throughout the night on social media.

Woods reacted to all of WWE’s posts which claimed the score finished 6-0 by tweeting them to say it was actually 6-1 and then he tweeted WWE to show some respect.

Woods tweeted to WWE’s account directly telling them to respect the tag team division on both shows and let people know that the SmackDown roster did actually get a win on the show.