Xavier Woods Comments on a New Day vs. Kenny Omega and Young Bucks Dream Match


A dream match between The New Day and members of The Elite has been discussed in pro wrestling circles for the past few years. Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks have crossed paths with The New Day on social media, as well as during the E3 video game conference in 2018.

But the two teams have never faced off in the ring. Now Xavier Woods is having a bit of fun with a fan’s tweet, teasing a dream match sometime down the road.

Of course this may, or may not, ever actually happen. Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E are all under contract with WWE. Omega and The Bucks are executive vice presidents of AEW. The Elite definitely has more freedom here but the same is not true of The New Day. WWE does not run cross-promoted events with other pro wrestling companies.

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But anything is possible in 2019 and AEW’s existence proves that. Perhaps the day will come when The New Day will step into the ring against The Elite to finally give fans the match they’ve been dreaming about.