Xavier Woods Reveals Vince McMahon’s First Reaction To The Trombone


During the latest New Day: Feel The Power podcast, Xavier Woods discussed the first time he brought the trombone to the ring. He admitted that he didn’t expect to get another chance to have it on television, and Woods revealed what Vince McMahon’s first reaction was.

“In my brain I was like, I don’t know if I’m ever going to get a trombone on live TV again, so I’m going to keep it for the match. Then during the match, I just randomly play it and then during the commercial, cameraman Stu came up and said, “he who shall not be named is laughing his ass off, keep playing that trombone!” Then we got in the back and I just remember he was cackling and he was like, “you always have this trombone now,” and that’s when she got the name and it became a thing and now we created inanimate object psychology.”

Big E then went on to discuss what his personal favorite trombone moment is up to this point.

“My favorite trombone moment will always be you playing Taps. We had no idea but as we’re loading up a double team finish you hit Taps. I had to do my best not to dobule over laughing as we were trying to pin whoever we were in the ring with.”

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