Xavier Woods States That Listening To Others Never Helped New Day Before


After Booker T claimed that Big E needs to change in order to step up as World Champion, Xavier Woods responded on social media.

Booker T spoke about the faction on his latest Hall Of Fame podcast, where he stated that Big E trying to be the New Day will be enough for him to get to the main event spots.

“I still think Big E trying to be The New Day is not going to work for him as far as him working at the top of the card,” Booker admitted. “I’m talking about being the main attraction, I’m talking about the guy the company has put in the position to be the guy… I don’t think that’s going to catapult him to that level. As far as still trying to be The New Day, you can’t try to rehash something that you’ve been doing for so long and think that’s what is going to take you to the next level.” (H/T to Fightful.com for the transcriptions.)

However, Xavier Woods responded on social media, stating that doing what they were told didn’t work for them prior to becoming The New Day.