XWW presents Xtreme Warfare July 25th

XWW presents Xtreme Warfare
Thurs. July 25th
Club Hush
Charlotte, North Carolina
Doors open at 7pm
Featuring the stars of XWW!

XWW Heavyweight champion

Big Country

XWW United States champion

Jasen Cross

XWW Tag Team Champions

Just Us League

XWW Hardcore champion

Belton Creedmore

New XWW TV champion

Mitch KO Robertson

XWW Commissioner and former WCW/NWA star

Stro “The Maestro of Wrestling”

Angels & Demons

Manny Mac

Sweet Dreamz


Zane Riley

Justin Fireball

Garrett Sinclair

Money Enterprises

and more stars of XWW!

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Club Hush

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