Young Bucks On ‘ALL IN’, ‘Being The Elite’ Returning, Their First Superkick, Weird Locations They’ve Met Fans


Matt and Nick Jackson of the Young Bucks recently spoke with AMBY about a range of topics including ALL IN and the return of Being The Elite.


Nick Jackson

“It’s becoming a little nerve-wracking now. We knew about the show almost a year and a half ago we were toying with the idea so now to see it become a reality and watch all the buzz that we have created for it, we just hope that helps.”

Being The Elite returning:

Matt Jackson:

“We were never going to end it on a sad note, we knew we would have to do one more episode it has to be a happy ending so we knew we were coming back, it was a serious discussion though. Nick wanted to end it four or five different times now, I told him we will keep coming up with ideas. I almost get more gratification out of it now than I do wrestling, when I see the feedback I get a high off that, it’s a good outlet to express ourselves.”

Nick Jackson:

“I think once we finally end it you will know it’s over, but for now we are good to go. Being The Elite is our Monday Night Raw so to speak, so we need that.”

The First Superkick:

Nick Jackson:

“He superkicked me as a child and he broke my tooth. I was brushing my hair and he superkicked me right in my mouth and right away I was like my tooth has gone and it was an adult tooth. I don’t remember the first one I did but that was his first and I had to have weeks and weeks of worth. It was always a move that we loved because Shawn was one of our favorite wrestlers ever.”

Strangest sports they have met fans:

Nick Jackson:

“I remember one time I was in Disneyland and I was changing m daughters poop diaper and someone came up to me whilst I was changing a crap diaper, so that was a weird one.”

Matt Jackson:

“Me and my family, I have a six-year-old daughter and a two-year-old son, we were eating at one of those character dining places where they hang out with you and meet the kids. I noticed that Minnie Mouse was really friendly and kept coming around to our table, when she is leaving for the last time she pats my shoulder and throws up a Too Sweet and I Too Sweeted Minnie Mouse and my daughter is like “oh my god,” and I became the coolest daughter ever.”

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