The Young Bucks Talk The Future of “Being The Elite”, Taking Care Of The Boys, Will AEW Be A Touring Brand?


The Double Or Nothing Rally blew away the expectations that most had, and Cody, Brandi, and The Young Bucks answered many questions that both the fans, the media, and the entire wrestling world were asking since their famous announcement on January 1st. But with all of those answers came more questions, of course, and fans are clamoring to know know about AEW and the next venture which includes the Double Or Nothing show that will be taking place on May 25th.’s Mike Killam & Doug Enriquez caught up with several members of The Elite, including The Young Bucks to talk about “Being The Elite” Benefits for wrestlers, and more.

The Bucks had just come off a long flight from Japan to make the rally, which they refer to in the clip. Check out the full video above, and transcriptions below.

Check out the full interview with Cody and Brandi HERE!

What does this mean for the future of “Being the Elite”?

Matt: “I mean, of course.I mean the plan is to keep it going”

Nick: “For now, it might be tough going weekly because we’re not going to be on the road every single day of our lives, but we’re still going to keep going.”

Matt: “It may become more of a documentary series too. I mean, that’s our platform. That’s the biggest thing, everybody watches it every week. It may be tough, but we’ll get creative, we’ll figure it out.

Nick: “I hope we can do it every week. The plan is to, but if we can’t do it weekly we’re going to have to tell our fans to be a little bit patient with us”

Matt: “The show is not going to go away though, any time soon.”

Can you provide further details about the structure for benefits for full time employees?

Matt: “The big thing for All Elite is we want to take care of the boys. So many times you hear stories about wrestlers from years past, or legends, that don’t have anything left and there’s nothing to show for it. One thing that we always wanted to do if we did start a wrestling organization we would want to take care of the guys. So that’s one thing that we’re working on, the executives are going to have benefits, and they’re going to get taken care of.

Now that you’re in a position where you can name your venue, what is a dream venue you’d want to run AEW in?

Nick: “That’s a tough question. For me, we’re LA guys, so there’s something to the Staples Center that makes me very happy about the thought of even running something like that. I’m a huge Los Angeles Clippers Fan. I’m a huge NBA fan.

Matt: “Yeah. With that being said, the LA Forum would be fun too. In my heart I’ve always wanted to wrestle in my home town, which is Rancho Cucamonga. There’s no building in Rancho Cucamonga, there’s a building in Ontario, I would love to do one there. I would love to do a show at MSG, that’s an obvious one

Is there a plan for live events and touring or is there a plan now just being at one venue?

Nick: “We’re not just going to do one big show”

Matt: “No, and if it’s up to me, this is going to be a touring brand, and we’re going to take it to several buildings.”


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