Yuji Nagata Shares Thoughts on This Year’s Young Lion Cup Participants


The 2019 Young Lion Cup wrapped up this Sunday at New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s Destruction in Kobe event, with U.S. Dojo competitor Karl Fredericks emerging victorious from the single-block round robin tournament.

Here’s how the points broke down following the final two matches on Sunday at Kobe World Hall, with Fredericks defeating Shota Umino to win it all, and Clark Conners scoring a slight upset over Ren Narita to take him out of the running.

  • Karl Fredericks – 12
  • Shota Umino – 10
  • Ren Narita – 10
  • Alex Coughlin – 8
  • Clark Conners – 8
  • Yota Tsuji – 4
  • Michael Richards – 2
  • Yuya Uemura – 2

The first match of the show featured a six-man tag team match that pitted NJPW legends and trainers Yuji Nagata and Manabu Nakanishi against another another, with two Young Lions on either side. It was Team Nagata who scored the victory here, and after the match Blue Justice spoke with members of the press to share his thoughts on how the tournament played out.

“Well, now that the Young Lion Cup wraps up today… There’s two more League matches today. The young ones are still so fired up, but I want them to be like that with everyone, not just each other. Although this Young Lion Cup is over, when the next tour stars, there will be another enemy. It’s very important for them to keep fighting, keep their motivation high. That’s how we fight. Even though  they were all so focussed on those closing matches, I could sense that they were still a bit off, but you can attribute that to how fired up they were. I saw a lot in this match.”