Zack Gibson On 5 Star Wrestling, Wrestling Through Pain & His Training School


Zack Gibson recently spoke with Total Wrestling Magazine about his role with 5 Star Wrestling, working through his pain and his own training school. Below are some highlights from the interview with a h/t to Total Wrestling for the transcription.

Working For 5 Star Wrestling

“This is everything any wrestler would aim for. I have been wrestling for 12 years now and most weekends just flying up and down, I have wrestled in Germany, Denmark, Malta, China, I have spent hours and hours on trains so this is a refreshing experience to just get up and be 10 minutes down the road.”

Wrestling Through Pain

“All you need to do is look at the history books. There is a reason why not everyone survives. There is a reason why characters who have been successful in mixed martial arts or that rough storied backgrounds try out wrestling and it is just not for them. If you don’t love pro wrestling you will not survive, but if you do love it it is the rewarding job you will have ever had.”

His Training School

“My school Fighting Spirit Pro Wrestling, we train out in Maghull just 20 minutes from the town centre, myself and James Drake run the school. We actually have a session going on at the same time as the show so he is running the session with a load of the trainees, while I am here performing to show them what they could achieve.

We have seven of our lads as the ring crew and they are rubbing shoulders with the likes of Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam and they are only six months into training. It is massive. They have all been grafting hard so we practice what we preach.”

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