Zack Sabre Jr Reportedly Draws Heat For Comments Made About Mexico (Explicit Language Video)


Following this weekend’s New Japan Pro Wrestling Road to Sakura Genesis event, Zack Sabre, Jr was interviewed about his match and cut a promo which has resulted in the WWE Cruiserweight Classic competitor drawing heat from people in Mexico.

“Suzuki-gun, we’re taking over. We’ll take over England,” said Sabre, Jr, via “We’ll take over Japan. Take over America. Not Mexico … Mexico can f*ck off!”

Sabre’s stable member, Taka Michinoku, attempted to correct Sabre’s comment by telling him he can’t say that, but Sabre undeterred, as he added, “ok, you can go to Mexico then”.

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Local Mexican news coverage was not happy with Sabre’s in-character comments, as La Opinion picked up the interview and wrote, “The English fighter Zack Sabre Jr released a disrespectful dart to Mexico. After a fight, he spoke contemptuously of the country.”

You can watch the entire interview in the video player above.

As noted, Sabre will be in-action at EVOLVE events during WrestleMania week in New Orleans:

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