Ziggler Expresses Frustrations with SummerSlam Match


Dolph Ziggler spoke with Arda Ocal prior to SummerSlam last week and expressed his frustration with only having a mixed tag team match at the event, as well as frustration over his character’s stagnation since losing the World Heavyweight Championship.

Ziggler mentions that he envisioned either still holding the World Heavyweight Championship or remaining in the title picture at this point, which doesn’t appear to be the case anymore.

Ziggler also talks about His promo style and how it has evolved from Z! True Long Island Story, You can check out the interview here.

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  1. just take s*** loads of steriods like benoit did,who cares about your health as long as your huge…lmao well thats how wwe seems to feel cause at this point the only reason ziggler isnt in the main event has to be cause of his size… i like ziggler hes got so much better over the years and really deserves a proper title shot…not to mention he held the money in the bank case for longer then anyone which is a bad sign but they they only give him the world title for like quarter the reign swagger had lmao

      • Daniel Shut up Bryan is stupid saying YES YES YES and NO NO NO like SCSA’s WHAT convinced the the idiot fans to cheer for him. Vince is going to gift wrap that title for him if your not a complete idiot. Bryan is so loved by the fans since and he is acted like the bad well crazy bad boy which I laff since stone cold. Vince is Creaming in his pants about this. So what about his size HBK was his size and he was the greatest ever. Mark my words in the next two months he will be champ for a long reign. But Stop Kissing his ass.

    • I hear you there. I am a Swagger fan and he gotten a raw deal himself. then they move you to something like Your former Heavy. And soon to be your tag team partner for Swagger. then they do it again they move you away from the title picture for another two months.

  2. ziggler doesnt need riods hes a lot like shawn micheals, and deserves better. i still hate the fact that HHH and vince said or agreed the fact that a dwarf cant be champion, ignoring that HBK,eddie, and benoit made it.


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