Ziggler Says WWE Edited His Chants Off SmackDown, New Ricardo Interviews


– Below are new interviews with Ricardo Rodriguez interviewing Sin Cara and Darren Young:

– Dolph Ziggler says WWE edited out fan chants for him during his interactions with Batista on last night’s SmackDown. He tweeted:

“kudos to @WWE for editing out the WE WANT ZIGGLER chants face to face w/dave I will never forget that thank u milwaukee #SmackDown …it only wouldve helped the show and made the match that much better @wwe #SmackDown keep doing your thing @WWEUniverse”

Backstage Update on Ziggler’s Heat, Revealing Eva Marie Photos, More


  1. this is why I fear the wwe network. Vince’s revisionist history… All started with TORONTO booing the Rock… Now when they look back it always “the crowd was split 50/50…” BULLS***. The Skydome booed the rock out of the building. Just like Summerslam…lol That’s why Rock left for Hollywood lol, 3rd times the charm with “x-pac heat”. (for those that don’t know “x-pac heat” is what Batista’s getting. It’s when the crowd hates you for you and no matter what you.)

    • In all seriousness Jeff, this is definitely an all-out WWE Universe revolt. Part of this, I believe, is a work by Vince to see how much he can push the fans around into giving them what HE and Triple H want to see… but perhaps it’s a build into a complete 180-degree turn where The Authority eventually gives in to what the fans want, making Daniel Bryan, CM Punk (if he comes back), etc., hotter than ever. The idea here: every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

      • Remember when Austin first got “over” at the King of the Ring in 1996? He didn’t actually WIN the title until 1998.

        Did that hurt his popularity at all? No. When he finally won the championship, he was THAT much more over.

  2. you can tell the fan chants on smackdown are all edited, it has put me off watching the show since stephanie stopped being gm. As for Ziggler.. jesus christ stop squashing him, he can actually draw. batista has never drawn a thing.


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